A Tale of Two Viruses

For the past 50 years our planet has been infected by a virus against which no herd immunity has developed despite it being allowed to rampage across the world. This virus has proven unstoppable in its reach and ability to destroy lives and kill with abandon. And yet its identity is almost unknown to the general public.

The name of this virus is Neoliberalism and , just like the Coronavirus , it escaped from a particular place at a particular time . The Neoliberalism virus originated in Washington DC in the form of a memorandum written by a lawyer named Lewis Powell in 1971 . Powell’s message to the American government was simple and clear – corporations matter more than people and must be allowed to flourish in spite of the damage they might cause to ordinary people’s lives. That message seeded the Neoliberalism virus which over the course of the next thirty years became a global pandemic which was still rampant at the beginning of 2020 when a new virus appeared that has stopped the Neoliberalism virus in its tracks. This is the Coronavirus, which causes the disease Covid-19, which in the most severe cases, causes death from a type of pneumonia . Lewis Powell died in 1998 from pneumonia.

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