Propogators of the Neoliberalism Virus

Just like the Coronavirus the Neoliberalism virus needed hosts in order to spread its deadly message .Within the last forty years many of these hosts have appeared in order to spread the virus. Collectively they go under the same name – think-tanks. Some are more blatant about their objectives than others, but all can be considered as propagators of the Neoliberalism virus. They garland themselves with titles that make them sound not just respectable , but academic, in order to justify the use of the word ‘ think ‘ to describe them. Not for them the grubby world of advertising soap powder , they are ‘ Institutes’ and ‘ Centres ‘ seeing themselves as somehow akin to a university, sometimes even attaching themselves to universities. Here are just a few of these think-tanks : The Adam Smith Institute, The Cato Institute, The Centre for Economic Policy Research . There are thousands of them especially in the US and the UK, but almost every country in the world has some. Without exception every single one of them would see itself as a force for good, but good for who ? The question answers itself. Good only for those members of society who are on the make, because the answer to every question posed by a Neoliberal think-tank is ‘ more’ ; more takeovers by private businesses of those institutions and services upon which we all depend.

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