The Neoliberalism Virus attacks the Cells of our Body aka our Society

Since its creation in 1948 the National Health Service has been on the one hand the most cherished and, on the other the most taken for granted institution in the UK . No doubt we have all joined in the chorus of complaint at sometime, but when the moment comes and we need it to be there for us we are thankful it exists. But over the last thirty years it’s been under attack from the Neoliberalism virus. It’s been in intensive care more than once when the virus has infected some of its cells, but somehow it’s survived, even if some of its cells have been damaged. So what is it about the Neoliberalism virus that makes it potentially lethal when it attacks one of the cells of our body aka our society. Well we have to go back to the 1980s when the Neoliberalism virus was an adolescent . It was seeking new cells to attack and it had in its sights those institutions, including the NHS which had been created thirty years earlier. I talked about Finance previously which by 1985 had infiltrated the body politic to convince it that ‘ assets’ which were owned in common by all of us should be offered up to the Neoliberalism virus to satisfy its need for new cells to attack . So how about creating some ‘ opportunities ‘ , make them sound appealing to the public – buy your council house at a discount , buy some shares in British Telecom or Royal Mail – all government backed get-rich-quick schemes and in all cases the Neoliberalism virus proved lethal .

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