A New Economic Virus

The world needs a new economic virus to take hold and replace the failed Neoliberalism virus which has demonstrated its inability to withstand the onslaught of the Coronavirus . Already we see examples of this failure within the EU, the US and UK. Governments and the transnational corporations, all hamstrung by the dead weight of Neoliberal orthodoxy that there is a market based solution for every societal problem, as opposed to a societal based solution; that is to say a solution grounded in the needs of society at large . The poor for example, were invisible until the Coronavirus appeared and the rich were able to separate themselves behind a wall, but the Coronavirus doesn’t recognise these man-made distinctions, rich and poor. It simply doesn’t care; meaning it doesn’t take them seriously and neither should we . This is the number one lesson the Coronavirus is teaching us , rich and poor are one person. So we have a choice now, just as the Neoliberalism virus mandated . Only the choice presented by the Coronavirus is this : act in your own best interests alone and risk becoming infected, or act in your best interests and those of the wider society to which we all belong and reduce the risk of infection . It is a stark choice.

The word has gone out : ‘ we’re all in this together ‘. Now let us go forward and discover what makes that true and what doesn’t . Does a hedge-fund promote itself like that and a think-tank espouse that as key to its thinking ?

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