Pause for Thought

A slogan of the Neoliberalism virus might easily have been ‘ Don’t stop to think ‘ because had we done so before now we might have noticed our advance towards the cliff edge somewhat sooner. The arrival of the Coronavirus and the lockdowns that governments all over the world have felt compelled to introduce has brought about that pause for thought that the Neoliberalism virus had intended should never happen. Now it’s happened across the world . And those with eyes to see and an open mind will have noticed that the Neoliberalism virus is struggling to maintain its monopoly on what constitutes reality . The TINA ( There is no alternative ) mantra has has been challenged at its core because without an alternative the everyday life of every country’s citizens couldn’t continue in a state of lockdown. Governments have had to step up and create the money necessary to maintain the cashflow of businesses and individuals while lockdowns continue. No-one is asking ‘ where is the money coming from , because it’s so blindingly obvious – it’s being created like all money is out-of-thin-air on a computer. This revelation is anathema to the Neoliberalism virus which has spread the Big Lie about money that government doesn’t have any money of its own and relies upon taxes to spend money. Governments around the world have devised various schemes to meet this challenge of distributing money to its businesses and its citizenry . The country that has failed the test in spectacular fashion has been the United States, the country where the Neoliberalism virus first appeared and where it has spectacularly failed in becoming the rising tide which would ‘ lift all boats ‘ as was claimed it would do.

Suddenly in the light of the Coronavirus simply to be human and to be alive is to be cherished and valued for its own sake. Such thoughts are antithetical to the Neoliberalism virus which aims to anonymise our being by labelling us . One such label is the use of the word ‘ team ‘ to refer to a group of people working inside an organisation. Sounds innocuous enough doesn’t it , team ? But as used by the corporation it keeps the identity of the members hidden. So you want to speak to a human being when you have an issue with your bank account or your electricity bill . Once upon a time, not so very long ago that would have meant an individual whose name and identity would be known . Not anymore . That human being has been eliminated and instead you can speak to a member of ‘ our team ‘ . That ‘ member ‘ is a commodity to which a monetary value has been applied and no other quality is even considered valuable in calculating the member’s worth.

This has infected organisations and institutions across the board from the charities to the police and broadcasting. The other effect is to keep you on the outside, not to engage with you and to have power over you but not be accountable to you.

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